Friday, September 4, 2015

Seattle so far

We are half way (!) HALF WAY through our Seattle assignment. Where does the time go?! There are more hikes to do, more sea creatures to consume (Kelsey), more cool spots to photograph (Will)! I felt this way in San Diego, too, I'm now remembering. And I think that the second half is maybe the more fun half. The first few weeks are full of figuring out our go-to grocery store, finding the nearest Costco (because, duh!), getting the hang of commuting to work (including occasionally taking the bus because I'm such a city girl), and figuring out what Will will do for a job (a necessary, no-fun evil). The second half? That's where we get into the good stuff. We try to do more local things and finish up any of the touristy things we still haven't done. And we generally just feel more comfortable and (dare I say) "at home."
I think that sometimes I treat these travel nurse assignments as vacations. I want to JAM PACK them with so many fun things and somewhere along the way,  I forget that I'm also working full time. My cool-as-a-cat hubby often reminds me and says, "Think of what we did when we lived back at home in Michigan." And he's so right. We didn't do big, fun, crazy things every single day.  Just whenever we possibly could around our work schedules. Having anywhere from 2-4 days a week free to explore is plenty, especially over the course of 13 weeks (actually 15 weeks here in Seattle... yeah, not sure how I signed a 15-week contract. Silly recruiter... oh well, it's for the better since we'll be gone for 2 weeks of the assignment for weddings [shout of to Marcy/Ryne and Justin/Jessika!]). 
It's also been a rough transition for me here in Seattle because I really loved San Diego and was just starting to feel so comfortable (and let's be honest, I miss my newfound soulmate/travel nurse bestie Megan). But as the weeks have passed, I'm starting to enjoy our time here in Seattle more and more. I told Will today that I finally had that, "Wow... we LIVE here!" moment (this is good; this is a big deal). 
So here we go: a small sample of what we've experienced in Seattle so far...

Obviously we had to start off with a visit to Pike Place Market.
SEAFOOD! I bought jumbo scallops to cook up at home and they. were. amazing.
Never enough seafood! -Kelsey. Not Will. Definitely not Will.
Gorgeous veggies!
Flowers everywhere!
BAM! More seafood. For good measure.
Just outside Pike's Place Market.
And at night. *emoji with the hearts in its eyes*
One of our favorite things about living in the Pacific North West (PNW for short/if you're cool) so far has been the plethora of gorgeous hikes. Wow! We are loving the terrain and geography around here. We aim to go on 1-2 hikes a week, depending on our schedules. We've done only 5 so far... meh. We had BIG plans for an amazing hike today, but then we got rained out.*

*It actually doesn't rain here as much as people think. In fact, Seattle ranks 44th among major U.S. cities in average rainfall. Cities that typically get MORE rain annually than Seattle: Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, Memphis, Nashville, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston... I could continue. And my sources are reputable. Don't ask. 

On to the hikes:
Twin Falls (when our bro/bro-in-law Kevin and good friend Brian visited!)
Twin Falls
My absolute favorite so far: Bridal Veil Falls (en route to Lake Serene). 
Hammocking at Lake Serene. It was so... peaceful (and you thought I was going to say "serene")
Wallace Falls was amazing! SO many waterfalls!
Wallace Falls 
Wallace Falls
Wallace Falls
Wallace Falls. This picture does not do it justice... the height was incredible. 
Wallace Falls
My dear friend Whitney taught me that blackberries grow like weeds around here, and she was right! Our goal is to eat fresh blackberries on every hike we go on. So far, so good.
Rattlesnake Lake: during the big meteor shower a couple weeks ago. Will and I decided to have a little date night at 1:00am. We brought blankets, wine, and store-bought chocolate chip cookies and had SUCH a fun time. God bless that man and how gracious he is to me...
Some more amazing views of Seattle (a.k.a. my husband is such a bomb-A photographer).

'Til next time! 
Also, if you're ready this, chances are we love and miss you SO much, whoever/wherever you are!

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