Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh darling, let's be adventurers

Will and I have had such a fun week! This past week I worked my first three shifts off orientation, so I feel like I've gotten a taste for what a "normal" week might look like.  But of course, we couldn't have just a normal week. 
Being big outdoorsy people, we always are in search of fun, new adventures and we're always up for anything! I've been blessed with a really sweet friends who is always a travel nurse at the hospital I work at. She introduced Will and me to some of her friends and we had an oceanside bonfire Monday night. It was truly magical... obviously the setting was amazing, but it was also so nice to sit with a group of people and enjoy great conversation. Really anything close to community here is so appreciated. 

We also hiked around Sunset Cliffs some more, which is one of our favorite places so far. We {illegally} hiked down the sandstone and traversed some rocks while getting hit by waves to get to this amazing cave! GOSH was it scary and hard, but so worth it.

This weekend was totally open for us, so we packed up our car and just drove north. We stopped at a campground and sure enough, they had one ocean view lot left! It was fate.
There's a cliff right after the fence down to the ocean. Amazing view!
We also stopped in La Jolla on our way home and adored it! It's so beautiful and full of fun shops and restaurants and great ocean views. We will definitely be back! One of our favorite places was Children's Pool Beach, where we found these cute little seals. If you look closely, you can see them all napping on shore. At first they just looked like rocks to us!

Our last stop was a quick hike on Broken Hill Trail at Torrey Pines State Reserve. 

We are so excited to keep hiking and camping and climbing our way around San Diego! 
More to come soon...
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