Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Take a hike

The past few weeks have been busy! Will got a job at a local grocery store, which was an answer to prayer, but so far it has been "blessfully inconvenient." (Does that make sense? [Is that even a word?]) It's made our spontaneous Cali adventures more difficult. You know when you ask God for something and then He gives it to you, but you want to say, "Uh, hey God, that was kind of what I asked for, but not exactly. If you could just change these details, that'd be great!" Yeah... it's like that. We've had opposite schedules much of the time and it's just not near as fun to adventure by yourself. However, we're learning to be grateful that God's provided this opportunity for him to stay busy and productive and help provide for our family. Because let's face it, life here is expensive! But you know what's free? Hiking :) Most of what we have been able to do in our recent free time has been hiking, and SoCal has some of the best hiking around!
I'm so thankful to be making friends here. It's such a blessing to have community and girl time! A couple weeks ago some of us travel nurses hiked to The Devil's Punchbowl in Cedar Creek Falls. It was so beautiful! We were able to cliff jump and climb up the waterfall, too. Pure bliss.

My sister-in-crime Meg
Finally made it!
Cliff jumping! 
Climbing up the waterfall (boo drought...)

We had our first visitor here, too! Will's brother, Kevin, stayed with us this past weekend and we had a blast. It was so nice to be with family and have a sense of "home" being brought here. We did some sightseeing and, of course, more hiking.
Exploring the tide pools in Point Loma.
Cabrillo Monument at Point Loma (with a gorgeous view of downtown SD)
At the beginning of our hike to Three Sisters. If you look closely, you can see the waterfalls. Definitely the most difficult hike I've ever been on.
You know it's intense when it requires ropes. 
So worth it.
We made a stop in La Jolla to look at all the seals. It never gets old watching these cuties!
The only picture we got of all [most] of us together. Will's stepbrother, Chris, and his girlfriend Kate moved to Los Angeles recently. Having Kevin in town was the perfect excuse to get everyone together!

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