Sunday, June 7, 2015

All gold everything

Last week (May 27) was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY*!
*Let me pause and say how horrified I was to find out how many people didn't know what a Golden Birthday was. The shock! It's when you turn whatever age your birthday is. For example, I turned 27 on May 27. Thus, it was my one and only Golden Birthday. Okay, now that that's settled...
Once we figured out we'd be living in California at the time of my birthday, I came up with the idea of going to San Fransisco and riding a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge (sticking with the "gold" theme, of course). As I started doing some research, I found out it was also the bridge's birthday! Dear, sweet Goldie turned 78 years old on that very same day. It was fate... 
Once I told Will my dream, he ran with it and wanted to surprise me with absolutely everything else. And let me tell you, he knocked it out of the park! From our Air bnb where we stayed to specialty coffee shops to transportation to tickets to Alcatraz (which I thought were sold out)... he killed it. We had such a blast together!
Our view of downtown from our picnic in the park.
Ominous Alcatraz.

Solitary confinement.

Finally, the bridge! Notice the brave surfer amongst the rocks.

Me and my sweetie.
Hey, look!

More ominous. The weather changed drastically about every hour.
We rented bikes and rode across the bridge and then continued to explore Sausalito (my favorite!) and Tiburon.
Getting smoochy at Old Mill Park.

The famous Lombard Street.
The Painted Ladies. Couldn't forget them!
Our ride that Will surprised me with (okay, so maybe it was a treat for him, too).

Riding a Cable Car! So cliche, so fun.

I couldn't thank this man enough for making my Golden Birthday amazing.  He worked so hard to pull all the details and surprises together, and it truly paid off. I am insanely fortunate to be stuck with such a generous, selfless, loving, forgiving, patient man for the rest of my life. Cheers to many more adventures, birthdays, and surprises in our future!
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